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Punt Road Residents Ignored By Napthine

Brian Tee | 

Labor has committed to reviewing a 50 year old easement along a section of Punt Road which affects hundreds of residents.


Luke Donnellan | 

The business case for Denis Napthine’s dud tunnel is still a secret. The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) today upheld the Napthine Government’s decision to hide the document from every Victorian taxpayer.

Napthine Government Abandons Colac Roads

Luke | 

Colac roads are deteriorating to a dangerous state with an increasing number of potholes and crumbling shoulders because of Napthine Government road funding cuts over the past two years.

Napthine To Slug Motorists Another $50m In Fees

Luke Donnellan | 

The Napthine Government looks to have dumped key road safety messaging as it prepares to slug Victorian motorists renewing their licence with nearly $50 million in charges by partially scrapping a safe driver discount reward scheme.

Napthine To Hit Motorists With More Cost Increases

Luke Donnellan | 

The Napthine Government is likely to penalise pensioners, young and regional drivers with premium rises under proposed changes to the Transport Accident Commission.