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Napthine Puts Local Communities At Bushfire Risk

Jacinta Allan | 

The Napthine Liberal National Government has failed to respond to calls in the Victorian Parliament for a timeline on when four community fire refuges will be operational.

Ryan Fails On Emergency Services Communications

Jacinta Allan | 

The Baillieu Government has given no guarantee that essential radio communication systems for emergency services will be fully operational for the start of the bushfire season.

Baillieu Government Bungles CFA Radio System

Jacinta Allan | 

Premier Ted Baillieu hasn’t guaranteed that vital communication equipment for the Country Fire Authority will be operational during this year’s bushfire season.

Baillieu Breaks Promise On Replacing Powerlines

Lily D'Ambrosio | 

The Baillieu Government has broken its election commitment to implement all 67 of the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission’s (VBRC) recommendations, having announced today it will not be replacing the state’s network of powerlines as promised.

Baillieu And Ryan Walk Away From Bushfire Promise

Jacinta Allan | 

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has walked away from its promise to implement all of the Bushfire Royal Commission’s recommendations in full and left Victoria dangerously underprepared for the 2011/12 fire season.

Parts Of State Under-Prepared This Fire Season

Jacinta Allan | 

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has botched Fire Action Week preparation with seven municipalities already declared to be in the fire danger period.

Baillieu Buyback Scheme Fails At Risk Communities

Jacinta Allan | 

The Baillieu Ryan Government’s bushfire prone property buyback scheme is another broken promise, that once again exposes the Government’s commitment to implement all Bushfire Recommendations as a sham.

Baillieu Delays Protecting Vulnerable Victorians

Jacinta Allan | 

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has failed to take action to assist and protect Victorians in aged care or with a disability living in high bushfire risk areas.

Baillieu’s All Talk, No Action On Bushfire Protection

Jacinta Allan | 

The Liberal-National Government has failed to build one new fire refuge or a Neighbourhood Safer Place in more than 10 months, Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response Jacinta Allan said today. “In Opposition, Peter Ryan and Ted Baillieu spent their time calling for more Neighbourhood Safer..