An Andrews Labor Government has a plan to support our small and medium enterprises by removing red tape, reducing Council rate rises, supporting local jobs, funding job-creating projects, giving small business a voice at the heart of Government.

More than 500,000 Victorian small businesses provide more than half of the state’s private sector jobs and contribute a third of the state’s output in goods and services. 28 per cent of small businesses are in regional Victoria.

Companies are paying more for the new Fire Services Levy and $1.2 billion cuts to TAFE have made it harder for employers to find workers with the right skills. As part of Labor’s plan to support small business, we will:

  • Maintain the 25 per cent red tape reduction target and make all government agencies report on progress.
  • Make sure WorkCover surpluses are used to fund benefits, lower premiums and support workplace safety.
  • Cap Council rate rises at CPI to discourage wasteful spending and reduce the burden on local businesses.
  • Conduct a full review of government payment processes for invoices from small and medium enterprises to make sure all agencies and departments are implementing best practice and making payments efficiently.
  • Commission the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission to take into consideration anti-predatory legislation from other jurisdictions, in Australia and around the world, and take the issue to Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meetings to investigate how competition laws may be strengthened.
  • Use the power of the Government’s purchase and review the policies and practices of the Victorian Government procurement board to address any barriers confronting SMEs.
  • Establish the Victorian Small Business Commission with expanded roles and responsibilities to provide impact statements on all legislative and regulatory change and include at least one member from Geelong on the Small Business Ministerial Council.

Labor’s plan to get 100,000 Victorians back to work, will see the establishment of a $200 million fund to turbocharge six high-growth industries, offer payroll tax credits to companies hiring retrenched workers and unemployed youth.

Labor will also implement a $320 million TAFE Rescue Package to save our stricken campuses and reintroduce Tech Schools so our kids get a head start. Local businesses will help design the courses they need.

Download: Labor’s Plan for Small Business