Infrastructure Victoria

Victoria will have a steady pipeline of infrastructure projects to promote economic growth and meet the needs of the state under two new bodies proposed by Victorian Labor.

The proposed bodies – Infrastructure Victoria (IV) and Projects Victoria (PV) – will kickstart major projects after the Napthine Government has turned off the infrastructure pipeline.

The establishment of Infrastructure Victoria – a standing, independent expert body – would ensure a long-term approach to capital projects beyond election cycles to ensure that the state does not go backwards under listless Governments.

The body would be similar to those in other jurisdictions but unlike the New South Wales body, Infrastructure Victoria will release its advice publicly.

The decision on whether to proceed with a project will remain with the Government of the day, but IV will assist in identifying infrastructure needs, consult on proposals and consider funding and financing models.

Victoria Labor will also establish Projects Victoria which will ensure that major projects stay on track. The new body will consolidate major projects delivery capacities from across the public sector.
A specialist project delivery body, Projects Victoria will directly manage those projects where the relevant department or agency does not have expertise and will provide oversight where the project is managed in-house.

Significantly Projects Victoria will also have step-in powers to intervene in the case where a department or agency has delivery difficulties. Further Projects Victoria will audit and where necessary up-skill the project delivery capacity across departments and agencies.