A Message from Daniel

When I was growing up in Wangaratta, one of my teachers at Galen College instilled in me the belief that politics could be a force for change and that governments could make real change for the better.

I still believe this but I also understand how important it is to know the difference between talking about change and actually doing something to make it happen.

As Leader of the Opposition I want to listen to the experiences of Victorians and collect the best information to find practical answers and develop good policy.

Looking at the number of people who now leave home earlier and earlier to get to work to earn the money they need to keep up with mortgage repayments and higher utility bills, I firmly believe social and economic issues go hand in hand.

Long commutes and long hours mean too many people are missing out on the really important time with their partners and kids. It’s the old question: do we live to work or do we work to live?

I believe governments can play a real role in addressing this.

It’s about what we provide in practical, on-the-ground services such as accessible child care, strong schools, quality healthcare, and better roads and public transport.

Making empty promises is not enough. Governments must be judged on the infrastructure they build and the services they deliver.

The Napthine Government’s seemingly deliberate strategy to do nothing and offend no one is not leadership. It’s not keeping Victorians in work, it’s not improving services, and it’s not creating opportunity and prosperity for the future.

I intend to make sure that every Victorian understands that there are real and powerful differences between the two sides of politics, not just in style and approach, but real differences in values.

The Napthine Government has no plan, no answers and no idea. My team and I will work hard every day to hold them to account.