Only Labor Will Save Bob Pettit Reserve

Brian Tee | 

The Napthine Government plans to turn the community open space at Bob Pettit Reserve into a housing development, but Labor will save it.

Shadow Planning Minister Brian Tee and Labor’s Candidate for South Barwon, Andy Richards, met with locals who use the grounds at Bob Pettit, much of which is owned by the State Government.

Currently, the Napthine Government is proposing the Surf Coast Council buy the land for millions of dollars, or pay much higher residential rates instead. Council would struggle to afford either.

An Andrews Labor Government will solve the impasse by rezoning the land from Residential to Public Park and Recreation, and sell it to Council for $500,000.

Quotes attributable to Mr Tee 

“A Labor Government will keep this park where it belongs – in the hands of the community.” 

“If Mr Katos gets his way, the cricket and tennis club, the kinder, the junior footy club and the playgroup will all be homeless.” 

Quotes attributable to Mr Richards

“Denis Napthine and Liberal MP Andrew Katos were effectively blackmailing council – demanding a price they couldn’t afford or forcing them to pay exorbitant rent.” 

“This park belongs to the community, not to developers.”

Key Facts 

  • The state allowed Council to use the entire site on an informal basis until 2005. At that point, the State Government drew up an agreement with Council for the use of the site that would see the facilities upgraded. The Coalition didn’t renew this agreement.
  • The Government demanded council buy the land at residential market rates: $4.5 million to $5 million. It made a subsequent offer of $2.2 million with conditions, both of which were outside of the Council’s budget.




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