Botched Process Drives Residents Around The Bend

Brian Tee | 

Victorian Labor has pledged to review the planning process so the new suburb at Fishermans Bend can be protected from overdevelopment, congestion, flooding and a lack of schools and services.

The Napthine Government’s botched planning process has plagued Fishermans Bend and endangered its future as a sustainable and appealing community for families and workers.

Labor, at a public meeting with members of the Montague Community Alliance, will call on the Napthine Government to halt the 13 planning applications currently before the Minister for Planning.

The Napthine Government’s botched Fishermans Bend process:

  • Doesn’t plan for community facilities, parks, diverse housing and the proposed primary school.
  • Doesn’t outline appropriate height limits and design controls, allowing developers free reign.
  • Doesn’t address the serious risks of flooding and contamination in the reclaimed swamp which was used by heavy industry for over a century.
  • Doesn’t account for the third container port at nearby Webb Dock, which will see more than two million truck movements through the suburb.
  • Doesn’t plan to ease congestion and pressure for those in neighbouring communities who rely on trams, roads, facilities and services.

Quotes attributable to Mr Tee: 

“A forest of tall towers without schools, parks and vital services is a recipe for disaster.” 

“If Mr Guy doesn’t fix his botched process now, it will be difficult to fix the problems in the future.” 

Quotes attributable to Member for Albert Park, Martin Foley:

“New residents shouldn’t be sold a lemon and nearby residents shouldn’t have to sacrifice their services.” 

“Mr Napthine and Mr Guy have only one chance to get this development right.”

Key Facts 

  • Labor recognises that the three sites with planning approval need to proceed.
  • Fishermans Bend, with a proposed resident and worker population of 120,000, will be the most densely populated suburb in Australia.
  • When rezoning over 250 hectares of land in Fishermans Bend, development applications are submitted directly to the Planning Minister, locking out the community from having their say.

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