Baillieu Ignoring Flooding Threat To Coastal Towns

Brian Tee | 

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has failed to release a report that outlines the impact of storm surges and sea level rises on coastal communities, Shadow Minister for Planning Brian Tee said today.

The Coastal Climate Change Advisory Committee Report recommends changes to the management of coastal areas, including current and future development along Victoria’s coastline.

Mr Tee said the Minister’s refusal to release the report was keeping communities in the dark about coastal hazards such as storm surges, erosion and inundation.

“Mr Guy is putting coastal communities at risk by sitting on this,” Mr Tee said.

“Currently, the planning provisions in these areas do not take into account rising sea levels and the impact this will have.

“While the Minister continues to sit on this report, residential developments are being built with their owners unaware of the risk.

“From Portland to Mallacoota, the impact of rising sea levels of 0.8 metres will be significant and something the Baillieu Government should be acting on now.

“Instead, the Baillieu Government is employing a head-in-the-sand approach, hoping that by doing nothing the problem will go away.”

Mr Tee said Labor would be using this week’s sitting of Parliament to pressure the Minister to finally release the report.

“Labor has continually asked Mr Guy to release the report, but for the past 18 months he has ignored these requests and we will use Parliament to demand Mr Guy release this report.

“This is beyond politics and should be supported by all members of Parliament, regardless of their stripes.

“The report landed on Mr Guy’s desk during the month his Government took office and the Minister has had long enough – he should release it immediately.”


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