Baillieu Government Ignores Advice On VCAL Funding

Rob Hulls | 

The Baillieu Government must immediately release a detailed report it commissioned into Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning coordinators that reveals the importance of funding the program, Shadow Minister for Education Mr Rob Hulls said today.

The report, which was submitted to the Baillieu Government in March, is believed to strongly support the role of VCAL coordinators and their ongoing funding.

“This program is now in jeopardy because Mr Baillieu has made a choice to axe funding for VCAL coordinators as part of his $481 million budget cuts to education,” Mr Hulls said.

“Only a government that doesn’t care about education and the need to provide Victorian students with the skills and pathways to employment would commission a report, then ignore its findings and cut funds to such a vital program,” he said.

Mr Hulls said that VCAL coordinators were essential in developing curriculum and assessment materials, developing partnerships with local employment networks as well as coordinating student administration.

“VCAL provides students an alternative to VCE, and a pathway to a career. VCAL prepares students for the next step in their lives, whether that’s further education, training or employment,” he said.

The review of VCAL co-ordination funding was commissioned by the Department of Education and explored funding models to provide greater support for VCAL coordinators in the long term as enrolments increased.

The report is believed to show that schools need more support for coordinators, not less.

“I understand the report recommends to Government a number of future funding models to better support VCAL coordinators but the Baillieu Government has chosen to ignore these recommendations and axe funding altogether,” Mr Hulls said.

“The only reason the Government has been hiding the report is because it clearly shows it ignored the expert advice stating coordinators are crucial to the ongoing viability of the VCAL program.

“Victorian students, parents and teachers have a right to see this report and it must be released immediately.”

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