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Liberals Cut More Jobs From Car Industry

Daniel Andrews | 

The Liberals have done it again, ripping half a billion dollars from the car industry and helping drive 100,000 Victorians out of work.

Only Labor Will Upgrade Schools In Dandenong

James Merlino | 

Only Labor will rebuild Lyndale Secondary College and Dandenong High School, Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Education, James Merlino, announced today.

Tony Abbott Cuts Community TV

Daniel Andrews | 

Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced that community channels, including Channel 31, will be shut down and forced to broadcast to the internet.

Only Labor Will Extend The Rail Line To Mernda

Daniel Andrews | 

An elected Victorian Labor Government will extend the South Morang train line to Mernda, Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews announced today.

Napthine’s Child Protection Crisis: More Deaths, More Abuse

Jenny Mikakos | 

The crisis in the Napthine Government’s child protection system has been laid bare, after the Department of Human Services (DHS) annual report was presented to Parliament showing a 25 per cent jump in the number of children who died whilst in state care.

Hodgett Chicken Of Community Ports Debate

Natalie Hutchins | 

Once again Liberal Minister for Ports David Hodgett has been caught running from the community refusing to allow questions from the floor during planned port’s debates.