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Victorian Hospitals Fail On Every Measure Under Napthine

Gavin Jennings | 

There was a major overflow of health data in Parliament today which shows the Napthine Government has lost control of the health system, with hospitals and ambulances failing on every measure.

Ambulance Response Times Go Backwards Under Napthine

Wade Noonan | 

he Ambulance Victoria 2012-13 Annual Report tabled in the Victorian Parliament today reveals that ambulance response times for life-threatening emergencies have gone backwards for the third consecutive year.

Napthine Second Attempt At Fee Hike On Disability Services

Danielle Green | 

The Napthine Government will use its numbers to ram through legislation in Parliament designed to increase the fees paid by residents living in Victoria’s state-run residential disability accommodation.

Denis Fails To Secure Tourism And Job Opportunities

Justin Madden | 

The Napthine Government has potentially lost the Victorian economy millions of dollars in tourism coverage, future events and job opportunities by failing to secure Melbourne as a destination for the baton relay of the 2014 Glasgow Games.

Napthine Continues To Shun Households Over Utility Costs

Lily D'Ambrosio | 

Denis Napthine has ignored his pledge to cut the cost of living, with the Essential Service Commission (ESC) Energy Prices Annual Report showing a sharp rise in Victorian households’ utility costs.

Emergency Services Workers Hit By Cruel TAC Changes

Daniel Andrews | 

Emergency services workers who attend horrific car accidents will have access to compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder restricted under changes the Napthine Government is making to the Transport Accident scheme (TAC).

Emergency Services & Crime Crisis In Yan Yean

Jacinta Allan | 

The Napthine Government has created an emergency services crisis in Yan Yean by failing to fund vital CFA upgrades and refusing to provide additional police and resources to tackle an explosion in crime.

Denis Napthine Plan To Dump Bus Tracker System

Richard Wynne | 

The Napthine Government has scrapped a multi-million dollar bus tracking system that would have forced bus companies to improve service delivery, documents obtained by the State Opposition show.

Napthine Hits Families With New Park Charges

Lisa Neville | 

Victorian families will be slugged new fees to camp in national parks to make up for Napthine Government budget cuts and mass staff sackings.

Cuts To EMA Will Leave Yuille Park In The Lurch

James Merlino | 

Yule Park P-8 Community College will be hit hard by the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) as a result of a deal struck by Premier Denis Napthine.

Napthine Fails Ambulance Dispatch Performance Target

Wade Noonan | 

Victoria’s emergency triple zero call taking service is failing to meet the Napthine Government’s own ambulance dispatch targets, leading to dangerous delays in ambulance response times.

Labor Protects Workers Compensation Rights

Robin Scott | 

Labor has successfully amended legislation in the Victorian Parliament to ensure workers’ compensation rights were not gutted by the Napthine Government.

Alcohol Fuels Massive Increase In Ambulance Call-Outs

Wade Noonan | 

Melbourne’s ambulances were forced to respond to a record 700 call-outs a month due to alcohol abuse in the last financial year, up 40% since the Napthine Government came to office.