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Denis Napthine Failing On Bushfire Preparation

Jacinta Allan | 

The Napthine Government should be condemned for its failures to deliver key recommendations from the Bushfire Royal Commission report into Black Saturday.

Napthine’s $8 Billion Tunnel A Dud Deal With No Mandate

Daniel Andrews | 

Labor is calling on Denis Napthine to take his $8 billion tunnel project to the Victorian people at the next state election and secure a mandate for spending billions of taxpayers’ money on a five kilometre tunnel in Melbourne’s inner city.

Napthine’s Sham Feasibility Study Failing Lilydale Students

James Merlino | 

The Napthine Government’s announcement of yet another feasibility study will not reopen the gates to Swinburne’s Lilydale campus and will do nothing for the students who had to find another place to study.

Napthine Must Deliver School Capital Funding To Bendigo

James Merlino | 

As Victorian students return from school holidays this week, the Napthine Liberal National Government continues to be on vacation on urgently needed capital funding for schools across regional Victoria.

Napthine Must Fix Commuter Compensation Scheme

Richard Wynne | 

The Napthine Government must come clean on commuter compensation and answer why it has made it harder for commuters to obtain compensation for train services that run late or aren’t delivered at all.

Napthine To Slug Motorists Another $50m In Fees

Luke Donnellan | 

The Napthine Government looks to have dumped key road safety messaging as it prepares to slug Victorian motorists renewing their licence with nearly $50 million in charges by partially scrapping a safe driver discount reward scheme.

Napthine Needs A Plan To Save Local Services Jobs

Adem Somyurek | 

The Napthine Government urgently needs to implement a plan to maintain local jobs in the services industry after Telstra announced 170 jobs would be off-shored.

Napthine To Hit Motorists With More Cost Increases

Luke Donnellan | 

The Napthine Government is likely to penalise pensioners, young and regional drivers with premium rises under proposed changes to the Transport Accident Commission.

Denis Napthine: The West Is Choking, Stop The Neglect

Daniel Andrews | 

The Liberal Government’s decision to prioritise work on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway over every other major road means motorists coming into Melbourne via the West Gate Freeway will continue to hit gridlock for decades.