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Napthine Ignores Ambulance Risk In Dandenong

Daniel Andrews | 

Premier Denis Napthine has continued to ignore the growing ambulance crisis happening in Dandenong and dismissed the moves by Dandenong Hospital to convert a waiting area into extra triage space without any medical support facilities.

Napthine Ignores Holiday Ambulance Risk In Geelong

Daniel Andrews | 

Premier Denis Napthine has failed to acknowledge the growing ambulance crisis happening in Geelong and failed to rule out that it would adversely affect the safety of the community during the upcoming school holidays.

Jobs And Housing Crash Under Napthine Inaction

Tim Pallas | 

The Napthine Government claims of a strong economy are in tatters with Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing more than 50,000 jobs were lost in the May quarter reporting period and housing approvals slumped below NSW for the first time since 2007.

Ambulance Vehicle Fire Issue Ignored By Napthine

Wade Noonan | 

Paramedics were kept in the dark and forced to drive ambulance vehicles for months after Ambulance Victoria and the Napthine Government had identified a catastrophic engine failure in their EURO4 fleet.

Napthine Cuts Impact Safety Of Ballarat-Colac Road

Luke Donnellan | 

The Ballarat-Colac Road has deteriorated to a dangerous state with an increasing number of potholes and crumbling shoulders because of Napthine Government road funding cuts over the past two years.