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Ambulance Response Times Blow-Out Further Under Baillieu

Wade Noonan | 

A Productivity Commission report has outlined that ambulance response times for life-threatening code 1 emergencies across Melbourne and Victoria are going backwards at an alarming rate under the Baillieu Government.

Housing waiting list blows out under Baillieu

Richard Wynne | 

An additional 685 families have been added to the Victorian Public Housing Waiting List in the past three months to December 2012, bringing the total to over 37,000.

Ombudsman Called On To Investigate Fentanyl Theft

Wade Noonan | 

The State Labor Party has asked the Ombudsman to investigate the circumstances surrounding the systemic theft by paramedics of the powerful painkiller Fentanyl, following reports of a patient who died after allegedly receiving a dose of salt water instead of the painkiller.

Unemployment Continues To Rise Under Ted Baillieu

Tim Pallas | 

The Baillieu Government’s two years of inaction responding to the jobs crisis in Victoria has resulted in yet another jump in the state’s unemployment figures.

Baillieu Ignores Bottleneck On Swan St Bridge

Tim Pallas | 

The Baillieu Government’s refusal to consider proposals to fix one of the state’s worst traffic bottlenecks has caused major headaches for would-be spectators at Melbourne’s premiere international sporting event.

No Price Tags On Major Projects Under Baillieu

Martin Pakula | 

The Baillieu Government’s move to hide the cost of major infrastructure projects from the public means Victorian taxpayers will be left in the dark about how their money is spent.

Dump Alert – Davis Sitting On Public Health Documents

Gavin Jennings | 

Baillieu Government Health Minister David Davis has stopped the release of two sets of important documents regarding Victoria’s public health system while he is embroiled in the blame-game with the Federal Government.

Baillieu Government Delays Peninsula Link

Luke Donnellan | 

The Baillieu Government put a stop to the opening of Labor’s $800 million Peninsula Link project over the Christmas break to ensure the Premier Ted Baillieu and Roads Minister Terry Mulder could hold a media stunt in the New Year.

VCAT Fees Set To Skyrocket Under Baillieu Government

Martin Pakula | 

Victorians will be priced out of vital justice services at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) with the Baillieu Government expected to increase legal fees this year.