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Lady April Hamer And Bracks Unite To Save Green Wedge

Brian Tee | 

Baillieu Government support for open slather development has prompted an impassioned plea from the widow of former Liberal Premier Sir Rupert Hamer and former Labor Premier Steve Bracks, for a return to a bipartisanship approach on protecting Melbourne’s precious “Green Wedge”.

Baillieu Fails To Rule Out Shutting Down VicHealth

Danielle Green | 

The Baillieu Government has failed to rule out shutting down VicHealth, a recognised world leader in health promotion, following media reports that the controversial option was included in the Vertigan report which has been considered by cabinet.

New Fire Levy Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Tim Holding | 

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has pointedly refused to guarantee that no insured Victorian property owners will be worse off as a consequence of his Government’s new property based Fire Services Levy.

Frankston Primary Let Down By Baillieu Government

James Merlino | 

Teachers and students at Frankston Primary School have been left with unsuitable facilities after the Baillieu Government cut a $500,000 commitment made by the previous government.

Baillieu’s Environment Policy Free Zone

Lisa Neville | 

After almost two years in government Mr Baillieu has succeeded in taking Victoria’s environment backwards essentially vacating the environment policy area.

Box Hill Rally Makes It Clear – Cuts To TAFE Not Okay

Steve Herbert | 

Students and teachers at Box Hill TAFE today sent a clear message to Premier Ted Baillieu that his funding cuts to TAFEs are hurting Melbourne’s east, and will have serious consequences into the future.

Liberals Fail To Invest In Public Transport

Fiona Richardson | 

The Liberal Government’s failure to invest in public transport is set to cause greater overcrowding on Melbourne’s train system.

Baillieu Fails To Fill Shifts As Ambulances Sit Idle

Wade Noonan | 

Critically ill Victorians are waiting longer for an ambulance because the Baillieu Government has not been able to fill shifts across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Swinburne Staff And Students March On Fyffe’s Office

Steve Herbert | 

Staff and students from Swinburne TAFE marched on local Liberal MP Christine Fyffe’s office today, to protest the Baillieu Government’s $290 million cuts to TAFE which are forcing Swinburne to close the Lilydale campus.