Do You Understand The Question, Mr Wells?

Tim Holding | 

Kim Wells has today reminded Victorians why he is the hidden Treasurer of Victoria, Shadow Treasurer Tim Holding said.

In a disastrous press conference, Mr Wells could not even answer the most basic questions about his own report, Modelling the Clean Energy Future Policy.

“Rather than scaring Victorians about the price on carbon, Mr Wells has scared Victorians about his fitness to be Treasurer,” Mr Holding said.

“Mr Wells gave every impression he hadn’t even read his own report. When asked if he had actually read the report, Mr Wells ducked the question.”

In his press conference, Mr Wells:

  • Couldn’t answer any question about domestic abatement;
  • Couldn’t answer a question about the cost of his own report;
  • Couldn’t answer questions about the difference between the Commonwealth and the Deloitte modelling; and
  • Repeated the claim, now debunked by his own report, that Victoria would be the hardest hit.

“Worst of all, Mr Wells claimed the Victorian Government’s greenhouse emissions reduction target was “not in legislation,” Mr Holding said.

“In these challenging economic times, Victoria needs a strong, safe pair of hands, and these certainly don’t belong to Kim Wells.

“Kim Wells is the Treasurer of the second biggest economy of Australia. This is the biggest public policy issue that our nation currently confronts and our state Treasurer can not even command a press conference, that he himself called, on this vitally important issue.

“I am stunned that Mr Wells can claim the state’s greenhouse emissions reduction target is not in legislation.

“Wrong Mr Wells. Not only is the reduction target legislated, but you actually voted for it.”

Attached is page two of the Climate Change Act 2010, where the greenhouse emissions reduction target is legislated.

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