Putting People First

Only an Andrews Labor government will be about putting people first.

Family Violence Royal Commission

Speaking to Victorian Labor's 2014 State Conference, Leader Daniel Andrews announced that a Victorian Labor Government would establish Australia's first Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Putting People First

If Victorians vote Labor on November 29, they'll get a government that puts people first

Fixing the 50 Worst Level Crossings

Project 10,000 will remove our 50 worst level crossings, build Melbourne Metro Rail, get 5,000 trucks a day off the West Gate Bridge, and create 10,000 construction jobs. For more information, visit

West Gate Distributor

As part of ‘Project 10,000′, Victorian Labor will build the West Gate Distributor, getting 5,000 trucks a day off the West Gate Bridge. For more information visit

Remove 50 Level Crossings

As part of ‘Project 10,000′, Victorian Labor will remove our 50 most dangerous and congested level crossings. For more information visit

Napthine’s $8 Billion Tunnel

Denis Napthine’s $8 billion tunnel won’t fix the congestion problems in Melbourne and will not benefit the majority of Victorian motorists. Find out more at

Ready for Work

Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor are ready for work.